Health and Safety Policy


Sensis Cleaning Ltd’s management prioritizes health and safety, ensuring:

  • Dissemination of this Policy Statement to all employees
  • Regular risk assessments for practical risk reduction
  • Ongoing employee consultation on health and safety matters
  • Full compliance with relevant legal requirements
  • Prioritization of risk elimination through design and processes
  • Encouragement of staff engagement in hazard reporting
  • Establishment of emergency procedures at all locations
  • Consistent maintenance of premises and equipment for safety
  • Engagement of compliant contractors
  • Allocation of adequate resources for risk control
  • Comprehensive employee training for task competence
  • Clear organizational structure for health and safety responsibilities
  • Provision of necessary information, instruction, and supervision to employees
  • Ongoing policy enhancements through performance monitoring

This Health and Safety Policy undergoes annual review to align with business activities and legislation, with communicated changes to all employees.